Current Projects

My team and I are currently Gay Male Couple With Children Walking By Lakeworking on several exciting projects. I have teamed up with researchers and therapists dedicated to serving the sexual and gender minority Mormon community to examine the impact of lifestyle choices on the mental health of sexual minority religious individuals. In particular, we are looking at individuals who are single and celibate, single and not celibate, in a mixed orientation relationship, and in a same-sex relationship. We are interested in how individuals in each of these groups differ from one another in demographic characteristics and mental health outcomes. We are also interested in creating profiles if possible for each relationship choice to understand what characteristics are likely to lead individuals to be satisfied with their relationship choice. You can see our team’s work at

In addition, I am interested in how religiousness affects health for sexual minorities more broadly. I am conducting a meta-analysis of studies that have examined the relationship between internalized homonegativity and health in sexual minority samples, wondering if religion or spirituality affects the strength of that relationship.

I also operate a lab that is dedicated to understanding the intersectional nature of faith, sexuality, and gender, and their influence on mental health. We are currently collecting data for a 10-year longitudinal study that examines how shifts in faith and sexuality relate to health.

Projects consistently change. For the most up to date information on my research, contact me here.