“Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand” Hsüntze

I teach and mentor like I do therapy: relying heavily on connection, interaction, and integration to promote experiential learning. I promote this by encouraging my students to connect with course content, others, and themselves. Throughout the college and university courses I have taught and in relevant tutoring experiences, I have had three central aims: to help students engage in critical thinking, broaden their worldview, and integrate knowledge with their life experiences.

My teaching interests mirror my research and clinical interests. I am interested in promoting positive mental health for individuals with minority sexual and gender identities for whom faith is an important part of their experience. I am also interested in teaching research methods and statistics to emerging researchers in a way that helps them develop confidence in their abilities.

Selected Courses Taught (click on course for syllabus)

Basic Counseling SkillsTeacher Teaching University Students

Introduction to Statistics

Research Seminar in Gender and Sexuality

Psychological Disorders

Positive Psychology

Psychology of Gender and Sexuality