A central aim of my mission is to share research and group trends with the communities who I study and work with. I present on a variety of topics typically focusing on counseling/mental health, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, or same-sex attracted identities, faith/spirituality, or some combination of the three. I currently reside in Memphis, Tennessee.

I am interested in continuing to share my knowledge and experience with others. If you or your group are interested in having me come to present, get in contact with me here.

Selected Power Point and Video Presentations

Navigating Mormon and sexual minority identities: Insights from a sample of 1,128 sexual minority Mormons (Presentation given at the Annual Affirmation Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah)

Introduction to Sexual and Gender Identities and Ally Development (Lecture given to Peer Counseling course at Stanford University)

Living our lives out loud as LGBTQ/SSA Mormons: Addressing internalized homo- and spirituo-negativity (Presentation given at the Annual Affirmation Conference in Provo, Utah)

I’m too sexy for my shirt (too take it off that is): Developing positive body image as a queer person (Presentation given to the Stanford LGBTQ Graduate Student Association)

Mental health considerations working with LGBTQIASSA Mormons (Presentation given to staff at the Brigham Young University Counseling Center)

Queer, Mormon, and BYU student: A guide for positive mental health (Presentation given to LGBTQ undergraduates at Brigham Young University)